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Alpha Metrics provides you with an industry-first approach by linking Ordering Prescribers and Dispensing Suppliers.


Alpha Metrics creates proprietary Prescriber-to-Supplier reports associating the exact Ordering Prescribers with the Dispensing Suppliers that fulfilled those orders.  This means you will be able to recognize and quantify their relationship.

Alpha Metrics goes even further by providing you with demographic and contact information for both Prescriber and Supplier saving you time and resources. You will also have the ability to identify and monitor volumes along with recognizing the Suppliers and Prescribers whose numbers are declining or are no longer active, further saving your company valuable time and effort.

Imagine the amount of new business your sales team could produce if they had monthly counts of Beneficiaries Serviced and Unit Count by Dispensing Supplier, along with associated Ordering Prescribers including Allowed Amounts and Primary Diagnosis counts. You will possess the key data points required to strategically and tactically focus your marketing and sales plans for maximum return-on-investment.



Determine the Market Rank and Market Share of you and your competitors while tracking monthly fluctuations. Identify growth trends at the zip code level for HCPCS, Prescriber, Dispenser, Primary Diagnosis, or geographic region.

Identify and vet acquisition or funding candidates by historical and current volume.

Validate your internal Medicare Part-B claim submission and sales reports.

Provide lenders and investors with verifiable 3rd party data on your organization’s historical performance and trends.

Identify and track potential new markets, Prescribers, and Suppliers down to the zip-code level.

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Alpha Metrics Monthly Medicare Part-B HCPCS Utilization Data contains only De-Identified and Non-PHI information.  


You can choose to obtain the data in raw form so you can perform your own analyses and produce your own reports, or we can do that for you, or we can assist you in creating something custom. As an Alpha Metrics client, we will work closely with you to determine the appropriate HCPCS codes, data points, report formats, and schedule that meets your needs and budget to ensure that you have the right data at your fingertips when you need it.


If you believe our data can help your business, contact us today to learn more! There is no obligation or cost.

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